Friday, December 11, 2009

Wonderful Chicken recipe

Hiddy Ho Sweet Friends,
Hope this finds you well, happy, and unstressed!

Well,  today was exciting for me............
I got to go out of the house after 12 days!!
It was only to Walmart grocery shopping but
hey,  after 12 days anything sounds good.
I am still fighting the cold,  but feeling so much
better.  Hubby is in the feeling really yukky
stage yet! 
My daughter is doing fine,  she went to the Dr.
but was already feeling some better,  but our
concern was appendicitis,  and they ruled that
out,  and told her to give it a few days and
she has had no pain today at all.
So thanks for those sweet prayers,  they
are muchly appreciated!
Told some of you I would post that Great Chicken recipe
 I made for Thanksgiving, so thought I would do that tonight!
I got this recipe from and old and dear friend named Carol
 about 25 or more yrs. ago.
Can't believe it has been that long ago.
How time does fly!
Well,  here it is sweet girls............
Party Chicken with Rice Pilaf
8 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
(I use the Tyson flash frozen ones)
8 strips of bacon
(I use 4 strips and cut them in half - less fat)
1-  jar of dried beef (by Armour Star)
( I usually boil it in some water for about
10 mins. so it loses some of it's saltiness,
and pretty much I don't even use it most
of the time,  and family never knows the
difference, but it is part of the recipe.
1 10 oz. can of cream of Mushroom soup
(I use the Campbell's healthy request soup)
1-8oz. carton Sour cream
(I use the light sour cream - Less fat)
Put dried beef in the bottom of a baking dish,
then wrap Chicken with bacon (1 strip to each
pc. of chicken) and lay it on top of the dried beef.
In separate bowl combine mushroom soup and
the sour cream and mix it up, then spread it on
top of the bacon wrapped chicken.
Bake for total of 3 hrs. uncovered at 275 degrees.
Rice Pilaf
1 cup Uncle Bens converted rice
(I use 1/2 cup and 1/2 brown rice - good mix)
1 can beef broth
( I use the swanson fat free broth, low salt
 for the broth and consomme now)
1 can of beef consomme
1 med chopped onion
(sometimes I used scallions)
Use a corningware type casserole dish.
Put the rice in,  then add the onion and
the broth andconsomme.
After the chicken has cooked for one hour,
add the rice pilaf to the oven and let
the chicken and the rice pilaf cook for
 2 more hrs. @ 275 degrees.
You will totally enjoy this dish, I can promise you!!
I love to make things I can make ahead cause I don't like
 spending my time in the kitchen on holidays,  so I prepare
this the day before and just pop it in the oven.  I don't
 preheat the oven so I can take it right from the fridge
to the oven without worrying about my casserole
 dishes breaking from the temp. changes.
Well,  dearies hope you have a great weekend,  and you
get caught up if you need to,  and you get help from
your hubbies and children if that is a need as well.
I got to wish quite a few people Merry Christmas today, 
 but I was rather disappointed that no one seems to
even know what to do with Merry Christmas anymore! 
 How very Sad!!
Oh well,  Keep those lights shining!! It makes people wonder
 why we have so much Christmas spirit,  I am sure!
And watch for opportunities to be a compassionate and
  listening ear. I had a conversation with an elderly lady
 in the store today who has a sick husband and she just
 seemed to need someone to talk to for a few  minutes,
 and I was able to  talk with her for a few mins. as we
were standing at the deli counter and to wish her a
Merry Christmas
 and she seemed surprised, but pleased and  said
 Merry Christmas to you too! 
 and she seemed a lil happier as we parted ways. 
 She was actually the first person that I don't know that
 has said Merry Christmas  back to me this
 Christmas Season. So that was refreshing!!
Well, have a great weekend.
Till the next time.
Blessings and hugs


  1. Well Merry Christmas my dear friend!..,I'm so happy to hear that you are on the mend after a bout of being under the weather for 12 days!

    Thankfully your daughter is improving and I'm praying that your husband will feel better soon as well!..,

    That chicken soup recipe sounds awesome and "just what the doctor ordered!.., I must try that sometime soon!

    Glad you could pop by my dear, for some respite and a cup of hot choclate and some cookies after your fun Wallmart excursion!.., "Yippe" indeed, after 12 days in the house resting and recovering!..,

    Cheers from Silken Purse @ The Plumed Pen

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  3. Hi Nellie, Sorry I had to redo this I had a few errors which drives me crazy! It is midnight and I am finally ready to leave tomorrow afternoon. We wanted to have everything done by tonight so we could just kick back a little tomorrow before leaving. We do have some cleaning to do for our house guests but that will be a breeze if we are both working together. So now of course I am wide awake wondering if I forgot anything.

    Your blog page is gorgeous by the way! I am so happy that you were able to get out today if only to Walmart! Both you and Jimmy should be feeling great by Christmas. Sure hope Scott and Dee escape it. I have been praying we will all stay healthy over this next month. What are the chances with 7 of us? Pretty good with prayer I am thinking. Did I even mention we are taking Jim's mom with us? Should be interesting, she is 83. She is in great shape though so hopefully all will go well. Poor Jim is going to have his hands full toting lots of luggage. Of course I will help him but he likes to be gallant!

    I was so glad to get my E-card done today. I have been going through it to find all the typos...I type fast and sometimes I mess up big time so I have been editing it. That thing is a lot of work but fun to do. zi don't know why it is easier to see the errors after it is published but it is.

    Well I will be writing from Italy and blogging so check in on me. I will do the same for you and will pray for your complete recovery very soon!

    If you see Becky give her a big squeeze from me, OK? So glad Dee is feeling better too!

    Love, B

  4. After all that I forgot to say thank you for the recipe. I saved it on a blog of mine that I just save recipes doing that. I know just where they are that way. It sounds great. Take care, Hon!

    Hugs, B

  5. i'm glad you got out and about today! poor hubby. i hope he feels much better tomorrow. that chicken dish sounds yummy!

  6. Hi Nellie,
    So glad you could get out, and I hope you don't have that stomach bug, yuck! After being sick for such a long while that's no fun. I hope your dh gets to feeling better, and I am thankful your daughter didn't have appendicitis.

    I am so glad you got to minister to that dear lady, we never know who God is going to put in our path, do we. What a blessing that you were able to lift her spirit up.
    I hope you all are well enough to attend your contata!
    This recipe sounds so delicious, thank you for sharing.


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