Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Part 4 - 0f the "Flooded House"

( Just a reminder photo from Part l of the story)
Good Afternoon Sweet Friends,
Hope you are having a good day!!
Mine has been quiet and contemplative!!
It was not the day I had planned, but that is
okay, it is the day God had for me,
and it has been good!
Well, on with the rest of the story.
I remember hearing my daughter say one morning,
who had really been a trooper thru this ordeal,
"If I get out of bed one more time and hear the
crinkle of paper, I think I am gonna scream".
I died laughing, but she was quite serious,
she was a Senior in High School then,
so when I broke the news they were coming
in a few days to start putting the laminate
in she was a happy camper to say the least.
A few days later, she was off to school knowing
that they were coming to do the floors and
couldn't wait to get home to see them.
The floor man arrived, and much to my
surprise, he didn't even start the installation.
He decided to concrete the existing floor, because
there were some spots that weren't perfectly level.
I thought the plan was to remove the existing
floor, but he insisted this was the best way
and that it provided an extra moisture barrier,
yada yada!! Who knows if that was true but
it did sound logical!
So he proceeds with his plan, finishes up
and leaves with plans to come back the
next day. Not too long, after he leaves
DeeAnna, comes home from school and
brings her friend in to see the floor, and
it was the ugliest mess you have ever seen.
He mixed the concrete right on the floor water
and all, so we had these huge ugly black spots
all over the place (they were gray once they dried)
but not any less ugly I might add.
To say she was disappointed would be an
understatement, as well, so was her Mom,
I am thinking I keep thinking our house is
gonna look better and it just seems to get
worse. Plus now, I had concrete dust every
where in the existing rooms, but figured no
reason to mess with it cause he will be back
tomorrow and who knows what surprises
we have in store for tomorrow.
Tomorrow did come........... and the floors
did get laid by two fellows, they were
very hardworking, nice and respectful,
so ordered some pizza for them for lunch.
The installers really did an outstanding job on
the floors. and we think the floors are
beautiful and are such a blessing.
We used to have to mop our old floors,
and I have lower back problems so,
everytime I did the floors I would
stress my back, so the new floor is
so easy to clean, and has made such
a difference, and has been a tremendous
blessing especially to my back!!
They are also easy on your feet
because they have some sort of padding
underneath so they give as you walk.
Dee had wanted us to get tile, but
I have friends that have it and wish
they had never put it down.
So decided to learn from their
Well, we now have new floors, but
we already had a floor before that,
so now we are still in need of carpeting.
Course, don't get me wrong we were
certainly happy about the new floors!
Ecstatic would be the best word!!
So will share that in part 5, I guess!!
This is taking way longer than I expected,
hang in there with me!!
One thing I did want to share, was that some
of you made the statement about us having
a good attitude. Thank you for your kind
comments. Let me tell you how that happened,
quick as I can.......... In Jan. of the same year,
I had a pinched nerve, if you have had one
you know how excruciating that can be.
Well, I was having a hard time, and wondering
Lord, what did I do, am I being disciplined
for some reason and I kept asking but got
no answers. Somehow, don't really remember
how, but I got my hands on a little book
by Bruce Wilkerson, called "Secrets of the Vine",
and it is another one of those books that is
just so helpful in a hard time. Anyway, he
talks about the difference between being
disciplined and pruned and how to tell the
difference, cause sometimes they feel
the same. He talked about attitude and
how sometimes the Lord was testing us,
and that our attitude was important.
So by the time July 28th rolled around
and the flood happened, I had read
that book several times and the Lord had
prepared me well, and since I
had that knowing this was from the
Lord, I felt it was my time to shine,
and to keep a good attitude.
So I considered it to be a test, in anything
adverse or bad that happened. We prayed
for the Lord to help me remember that
people were watching our reactions,
and that we would continuously have a good
attitude, and I truly believe the Lord
blessed that patience and perseverance
in so many ways.
Well folks, this is it for today!
Hope you truly have a restful evening,
can't believe it is Wednesday already,
course, it went by fast cause of labor Day.
Blessings and Hugs,

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Heather said...

i didn't know they could put some kind of padding under laminate flooring. wonder if they can do that under wood too? while i visited my inlaws this summer they had new wood floors put in and new laminate in the kitchen and tile in the bathroom. to say my feet and calves were killing me is an understatement. i like to go around barefoot (it was july in Texas) and from standing on those floors while cooking, talking, or just walking back and forth around the house everyday was murder on my legs and feet. i was shocked. eventually by the time my 3 week visit was over i had become accustomed to it so i didn't hurt anymore but that first week killed me.