Thursday, September 17, 2009

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - Sept. 17, 20009

Hello Sweet Friends,
Hope today has been a great day.
Mine has been good,  can't remember what I did today
I am so tired,  I do remember making Parmesan crusted
Tilapia for din din and a nice Romaine salad with strawberries
with raspberry/walnut vinigrette ( compliments of Ken's
steakhouse dressing).  It was delicious too, if I do say so myself.  
Well,  hope you have been thinking about what you are
thankful for today,  it is a really great habit to get into,
like my friend Bonnie @ one Designing Woman says,
hard to be unhappy when you are feeling so grateful,
and that is very true,  we have both found!
Well,  lets get on with our Thankful List
I am very thankful that an old friend of mine
that I got to see on Tuesday night (she lives in
Tallahassee, Fl.)  was okay after being in an
accident on the way back home.  It was so great
to see her,  and I was so sorry to hear about the
accident,  but so thankful she is okay.
After hearing on "a place called Simplicity" blog
about a 21 yr. old that was killed while hiking,
I have a renewed thankfulness that my son is
home safe and sound after 5 wks. on the trail.
My heart just broke for those sweet people
who lost their son.  I can't imagine!
But I am so thankful they and their son
know the Lord and that they know where
their son is,  and that they will indeed she
him again.  What a hope we have in Jesus!
I am thankful that I got to go see a precious
friend yesterday.  We had such a nice time
together over a special lunch she made and
such great conversation.  Her house was all
guzzied up for Fall,  and it was such a visual
delight.  It was just an all round delightful day.
I am thankful that we got some business
accomplished on an Ins. policy that we have
needed to take care of for some time now.
Yea, it's done!!  And in the process we met
the most precious young christian woman
who is about 30 and she is a single Mom,
and had the same thing happen to her that
my son did.  We just clicked and we have
had some great conversations together.
What a blessing she has been already!
I am thankful that the tile is all cut for the
step in our shower,  and hubby will be laying it
tomorrow.  Yea!  then all we have left is the
bottom of the shower,  maybe we will get to
do some more this weekend. 
I am thankful that Joey and Rosie got along
better this week than we thought they would.
They have had a few skirmishes however,  cause
they are jealous lil children in fur coats!!
But it hasn't been bad at all!
I am thankful that I heard from DeeAnna today,
She is in Gainesville and will be home tomorrow,
but has to go to work at 1:00,  but she is coming over
for dinner tomorrow night.  It will be nice to see
her and have a long conversation with her after
a  week of being gone.  She sounds like she had
a very good time.
I am thankful that no one has used Scott's credit
cards as he lost his wallet today.  We are hopeful
that he might have it returned after they check
the laundry at the drycleaners where they send
his uniforms for work.  He just took the dirty ones
in this morning.
I am thankful to have gotten to have Rosie here
for the week,  cause like I say,  we are in love
with her,  she is such a sweet,  cuddly cutie!
Course, if you would have seen her with Joey,
you would never believe that! lol
She is our grandaughter dog in case you don't
already know that!!
I am thankful Molly (that's our kitty, whom the dogs love to chase)
 didn't have as bad a week as I thought she would.  Actually,  that has
gone pretty well too.
I am thankful for blogging cause it brings me so much joy,
and gives me a chance to chronicle parts of my life that
might be precious to my children later in life.
Also because one of my spiritual gifts is Exhortation or
Encouragement,  it also give me a chance to use that gift,
and it feeds my spirit and brings me joy to know that I
might just bring some joy or encouragement to someone
else today or maybe even everyday!!  That would be great!!
Most of All,  I am thankful that I am a child of the true
and Living God,  and that He made it possible for me
to actually have a personal relationship with Him,  and
that He is concerned about any and everything I am
concerned about!  How neat is that!!
Well,  please leave me a note and let me know
what kind of thankful thoughts are floating
around in your head,  it is good to share,
you might just encourage someone else's
as well as your own!!
God Bless You,
Thanks for coming by,


Bonnie said...

I am thankful for you, Nellie!

And that sweet little song that Zachy sang for us this morning on my blog. That just made my day!

One of my best friends lost her Dad on Sunday to cancer. I am thankful he didn't suffer too long. We are going to the funeral on Saturday down in the the valley about 3 1/2 hours from here. We are staying overnight in a motel so that will be better than trying to drive back after everything. We were close to her parents so we want to be there for all of them. Sad times. She just lost her husband (my Jim's best friend)to cancer 4 years ago. My poor friend, Barbara has had a rough few years. Now she will be bringing her mom home to live with her. I am thankful we live near her and can help in small ways to make things not quite so hard. And I am thankful to know their family~they are great friends to us. I could go on and on about gratitude but I'll save some for next week!

Love, B

BECKY said...

Hello My Friend,
What a joy to read your thankful list! I so love your sweet heart, and the way you have of expressing your thoughts...very endearing.

I'm thankful that God has helped me to get everything done this morning that needed to be done, and am looking forward to this weekend!

Ran is running a bit behind schedule, but that's ok. It has given me a chance to relax. :o)

Love ya! Have a wonderful weekend and know that you do bring joy and encouragement to me and others through your blogging!!