Thursday, September 24, 2009

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - Sept. 24, 2009

Hello Sweet Friends,
And Happy Fall to you all once again!!
Sorry I have been MIA the last few days,  but things were
pretty busy on Tuesday getting ready for my group on Wed.
and then of course,  my friends came on Wednesday
and some of us,  made a day of it,  as usual.  It was fun, but
I was whipped today,  so have pretty much taken it easy.
Hubby had a meeting tonight so thought I would do my
Thankful Thursday Post now.  Hope you have been having
a nice week and enjoying the fall weather.  It is still pretty
hot here I am sad to report.  Am hoping the nights start
to cool off soon,  cause we are suppose to have a Social
here on Oct 23rd,  and would love to be able to use the
porch as well,  cause there could be about 30 people.
Guess we will see what the weather does!! 
Well,  on with Thankful Thursday!
I am grateful for
The Bible and christian books that I can read
and get wisdom and knowledge and truth.
What a treasure and a blessing to have them.
The sweet group of ladies that come every
other Weds,  and what a joy they are,
and the friendships we are building or
continuing to build.
My home which is my haven,  and I am thankful
I can use it to bless other and cause them to have
an enjoyable time while here.
Real Fall flowers that my hubby brought me yesterday.
A Sweet Surprise!
For my hubby,  and what a sweet and thoughtful
man he is!
For clean movies that are fun, like "Confessions of a
Shopaholic", with Isla Fisher.  Never really heard her
name before but she is adorable,  and it is a very cute
movie.  It's a comedy/love story type,  guess you would say.
For a friend that is coming to breakfast in the morning.
That should be fun too!
That I still like fun!!  That is part of my personality.
I have a sanguine/choleric personality is you have
ever heard of that.  It's sort of strange,  the choleric
can be a serious worker/  but they really like to have
fun, fun, fun!  So all work and no play really does
make me a dull girl!!  lol
Sometimes I can get so much in the work mode that
I stop doing  fun things much,  and then I am grumpy
and wondering why,  then I realize you need to do
something fun here!!  It is time!!  lol
That I had enough leftovers I didn't have to cook
tonight!!  yea!!!
That Becky walked me thru hooking up to Mr. Linky
for a Fall party,  and I got so many nice comments.
I got more comments than ever before so that
was a fun day for me!!
Can you tell my Sanguine side has surfaced,
my whole post is pretty much about having fun.
Guess that means curtains for the worker
in me!!  lol
Well,  leave me some comments and tell me what you
are thankful for today.  It will make you feel better,
even if you have to dig deep to find something,
do it is a great spiritual discipline!!
Well,  you have Fun tonight and tomorrow now!!
Love,  blessings,  hugs and kisses,


Walking on Sunshine... said...

I love your list. I love my home also! I feel that it's a haven as well! Glad you had a nice time with your friends. Enjoy the weekend!

Jennifer said...

What a nice list for Thankful Thursday!! I just love having friends over - whether one at a time or in a group. So nice that you have a group to look forward to every other Wednesday. I hope you have great weather for your upcoming social....and how fun to go out to breakfast!! Have a wonderful (friend-filled) weekend!!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Sister Susie said by email:

Your blog today was GREAT! I have replies that match your #'s. They are:

#1 God's Word is so Amazing; especially the verses the Holy Spirit brings to memory at the moment you need it most!

#2 Everlasting friendships will continue throughout Eternity with our Almighty Creator, Savior, and Holy God!

#3 Praise the Lord for our homes which are our temporal havens of rest! I love mine (even though I do need do dust more often, ha!)

#4 Please place a picture on your blog of the beautiful Fall flowers Jimmy bought you.

#5 I thank our Almighty God for the Spiritual Love He wraps around us and the true Comfort only He can give.

#6 Thank the Lord for Christian movies that are coming more in numbers. (My collection of secular is in process of being donated to the Public Library.)

#7 I praise the Lord for my long time (24 years) Christian teacher friend, Sylvia! We worked together many years. She is now retired, but we do get together throughout the year.

#8 WHOA! NO! You are no dull lady!

#9 I know your leftovers taste great! My meals don't take long either! They are the frozen meat/veggies kind, ha!

#10 I hope my comments have made you as happy as you have made me!