Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Monday to You!

(Fall Flowers from Hubby last week - Just for you susie)

Good Morning Sweet Friends,
Hope you all had a nice restful yet productive weekend.
I have been pretty busy this morning.  I have been out
painting the edges of the foamcore for my daughters
wall hangings.  Decided it would look better.  she is coming
over this afternoon,  and we will put them together finally.
Have also been laying out the rest of the tile on the shower
floor so we will be able to lay it when the time arises.
Hubby will have to cut some small pcs. up near the drain
and the wall.  Course,  we figured that,  we were hoping
not,  but not surprised!  Course,  we can't really complain
we got off pretty easy actually.
Dee is also gonna do my hair while she is here too.
So I always appreciate that,  and look forward to our
time of visiting.  It is been about 10 days since I have
seen here and Rosie,  so always look forward to that.
Last week was just such a week of blessings for me.
Hubby left several really sweet comments on my blog,
and brought me flowers,  and then I got all those nice
comments from other bloggers,  and then I got another
 sweet surpise on Friday........... from my friend that I went
shopping with.  She brought me this lovely Fall gift basket!
  I just love it,  the basket itself was such a nice gift,
  let alone all the goodies inside.  She should go into
business making gift baskets or at least she could
 if she wanted to anyway!.
That was the nicest surprise I have gotten from
a friend in quite a while,  so that sure blessed
my socks off!!  Course,  I wasn't wearing any....
just sandals! So guess it really blessed my sandals off! lol
Here's a nice picture of it!

Isn't this big sunflower beautiful!

Decided to leave the basket intact for a few day
while I am deciding on a place of honor for each
sweet item!
Friends sure add sweetness to life,  don't they!!
Course, so do family!!
I am not feeling as tired today,  but am feeling achy
for some strange reason.  Am hoping I am not getting
a bug,  or maybe I just have a touch of one or something.
A touch is better than the whole bug!! lol
Well,  you know what I mean!
Forgot I was suppose to show you the christmas
stuff I got on Friday,  will show it to you another
day this week,  cause DeeAnna will be here soon,
so don't have time to download them now.  Sorry!!
You have a Nice Crisp Fall Day,
Only if you don't live in Florida,
If you live in Florida have a Nice Sunny Day!! lol
We are actually suppose to get a cool front
by Wed.,  and we might actually go to 68 degrees
in the evening.  That is exciting for us!!  lol

(This is the back of the arrangement)
Thanks for coming by today,


Blessings and hugs,


Jess said...

Praising GOD for all of the blessings in your life!
A Sweet man, sweet family, sweet friends and an Awesome GOD ~ who could ask for more!

Thanks for your message on the phone and for trying so hard to get through to Congress.
Why is it so impossible to get through?

Well, have a wonderful week!

Bonnie said...

Have fun with Dee! How nice you get to be together. I haven't gotten to seen my Laura since March 2008. Boohoo. But soon that will change!

Heather said...

Happy Monday to you too! Love the goodie basket! I hope you aren't getting sick and you feel better tomorrow.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Sister Susie said thru email:

What a beautiful fall bouquet of flowers!! Jimmy did well with his choice! The orange and yellows are so deep in the autumn colors as opposed to summer colors. Your friend's basket is so pretty. I can hardly wait to see where you put it and what you put into it for the fall (if not this year, next year!) Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Sister Susie