Saturday, September 5, 2009

Part 3 of the "Flooded House"

(This is another spring/summer look, plus it
shows you the floors & carpeting color that I will talk
about in this part of the story)

Happy Saturday Morning Sweet Friends,


Got so busy with errands and my Fall decorating

yesterday I forgot all about doing the rest of the story,

as Paul Harvey would say!!


Well, the family room and dining room are almost

finished being transformed, just have a few finishing

touches to put on. I am very happy with the way

it came out, and even Jimmy and Scott like it!! lol


I woke up early and can't go back to sleep so

thought I better finish my story or at least

write some more on it.




Now we are into early October, we have known

for awhile that we were also getting new flooring

as well as carpeting because the seams were starting

to curl, and we have chosen the carpeting and the

flooring. The carpeting is a Federal Blue and

the flooring is a oak laminate. We are very, very

excited and can't wait to get some carpeting

back on our floors after sweeping paper and

concrete for 2 mos. now, and we are amazed

about the flooring because all I asked for was

new carpeting. We felt and still feel so grateful!


The one thing holding us up was the kitchen,

they were fixing our cabinets. They come in

and take the fronts off of them, and build new

casings, and then put the front back on.


They tell you they do this all the time, and

that they look just like they did before. So we

are like fine we have no problem with that.


I had a feeling when I saw the hammering and

banging they were doing and saw that some

of the wood broke that they might not quite

be able to pull that off.


So they finally bring the cabinets back to install

them, and the first peice they brought in was

the tall cabinet that my built in oven goes in,

right away I could see that the stain did not match

and I said that, so they took it out, to take it back

to refinish it again. So then they brought in another

cabinet and it looked okay and they said they were

gonna go ahead and install all the rest, and then

they would bring the other piece back when they

refinished it, so that is what they did with my

blessing. I just let them work and stayed out

of the way, cause I sort of had this gut feeling!!

They finished and said they were going, now

the cabinets had dust all over them, and I really

couldn't see them all that well, until after they

left, and I started dusting them off, which I

felt they should have done, which made me

feel a tad suspicious........... I might add!


My instincts were right. The more I dusted

the more I could see how ridiculous this was.

There were cracks in the wood that they had

puttied and then tried to stain over, my lazy

susan that worked when it left, now would not

even turn, the drawers fell when you opened

them. It was clearly unacceptable, so I called

my Ins. agent, and calmly told her the story,

and said my cabinets are old but they were

in very good condition, and could she please come

out and take a look for herself, and she said, I don't
have to come out, I believe you, and that is not
a problem you can get brand new cabinets and

countertops. She told me to go to Home Depot and

pick out what I wanted that was conquerable to

what I had now. I was just beside myself with

joy and amazement at what the Lord was doing.

I could not believe it really. I had wanted to

paint those dark walnut cabinets many times, but

hubby loves real wood, and couldn't stand

the thought of that, and I had come up with

a plan to put wallpaper on a few end areas to

cut down on some of the darkness.


I also asked my agent if there was anyway

I could get out of the contract with this company,

and get my own contractor to do the kitchen.

So far, they had promised a lot and delivered

very little, it also seemed like everytime they

came in to do something they messed up some

of the work we had already done, that they

were really suppose to have done.

She said she would take care of it, and to

choose whoever I wanted. Wow, that was

a relief, but now who was I gonna get!


My daughter was telling her girlfriends at

lunch about all that was happening, and one

of them said you should have her call my

Mom, we just had our kitchen redone and

we all love our kitchen, the man did a great job.


So the next day I called and spoke with her

Mother and she had nothing but good things

to say about him and his work, and she even said, I could

come over and see her kitchen if I wanted to,

I never did, but we did call the contractor

and have him come out to talk with us.


Now we realized we were not going to have

a kitchen for Thanksgiving, cause it takes

at least 6 wks. or more to get cabinets

when you order them, then of course,

there is the installation time as well.

My friend from Gainesville called to

check on us and how things were coming told her what I just told you,

so she invited us there for Thanksgiving.

I never even thought or expected that,

I hadn't even had time to think about it really,

let alone come up with plan B for Thanksgiving,

and now here was this invitation, and I didn't even have

to worry about it. Oh, Thank You Lord, that

is a load off my shoulders.


When we talked with the contractor, (and by

the way, he is the one we had such a great

reconciliation with), he had his own place

to get cabinetry and he could get it a lot

quicker which was wonderful, yet the kitchen

was still holding up the carpeting and flooring.

The girl at the carpeting store suggested we

put the floors and the carpeting in sans the

kitchen, cause all they would have to do is

put in a temporary threshold.

What Excitement........I had never thought

of that!! We were finally going to get

some normality back!




Well, I will leave you here for now,

and pick up Part 4 on Monday,


May you have a Wonderful weekend

Dear Friends!


Blessings and Hugs,



Bonnie said...

So many heaven sent gifts! Amazing! Happy weekend!
Love, B

NanaNor's said...

Hi Nellie, Love the photo of your living room~if hubby would let me decorate more country I would...yours looks so warm and inviting. Can I come hang out with you and Becky for bible studies????Wish I could.
What a lot you went through with your kitchen..but what a good insurance adjuster.
Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. Happy Labor Day.
Hugs, Noreen