Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More of St. Augustine

Top of the Morning to you Lovlies!
Come along for a Carriage ride or nice bike ride
and let's explore a little more of St. Augustine.
We took the carriage ride once years back with our children
when we visited and it was really a fun and relaxing time.
It is one of my favorite memories of St. Augustine and
Savannah, Georgia when we there years ago as well.

This was just a pretty lil square on the corner in the
area where the shops were, it was all fenced off too.
Wish I knew what the statue represented but didn't
say anything on the fencing anywhere as to what it was.

This was growing in a pot near a ceramic store
and the bits of yellow and orange you see coming thru it
are a ceramic sun. I know the name of this plant
but it escapes me at the moment, maybe it will
come to me before I finish.
Just found out from one of my lovely blogger friends,
that this plant is called Agapantha. I knew it started
with an A, was thinking Alessia, and checked but
couldn't find a picture.
Thanks, Noreen for the information,
You're a sweetie.

Took this cause I just thought it was funny with the lil ceramic chickens peeking out of it, this was in the same ceramic shop area.
You can see all the pretty pots in the background.

This was also in the same ceramic shop, loved their planterson the wall, course, they sell them there, but thought it was a nice shot.

You'll probably think I am a lil crazy on this one, but I was fascinated by the roots on the night blooming Jasmine, and it was growing out of a small black pot (a 2 qt. pot that you buy them in)Wait till you see what it grew into. I thought it was one of the wonders of nature.
The whole top of this lanai was covered with it.

Happened to see this painted on a wall in this lil alcove area,took it thinking it probably wouldn't come out but decided totake it anyway. I was practically on top of it taking the picture.Was amazed at how well it came out. Never hurts to try!!

These last shots were all taken as we were walking to try and find the parking lot where we left our car. It was a nice walkwith pretty scenery. That was where we saw the carriage ride at the beginning as well.

Oh yea, This was a Bed & Breakfast

This was another bed and breakfast right next to the other one.

Thought this was just a quaint lil sitting area,kinda wanted to sit there myself, but it was in someones yard so thought I best not. ha!

This beautiful old Victorian Home caught my eye because it was freshlypainted and I loved the color scheme. They have lot of old homes like these but many are white or many are very weathered.
and that Fella, would be my honey, looks like he dressed to match the picture.

Here is a nice close up of the door!! Can you tell I like this house. ha!!

And last but certainly not least, is the big beautiful Methodist Church, the orange parts are actually made of clay, another tourist told me, she heard it when the carriage driver was giving his tour guide talk.

Well, dearies........... The Methodist church completes our tour,
I saved the Best for last, it was right where we left our car
so we found our car and drove off into the Sunset
towards home.
See ya tomorrow,
Thanks for stopping In, I have been thinking about building an Ark
it has been raining soooooooo much, course, I am thankful for God's reminder
Rainbow that says he will never flood our earth again. ha
Have a good one!!
Blessings, Nellie

P.S. Alice hope you had another great trip down memory lane, Glad you enjoyed it so much.

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  1. Good morning dear Nellie, wonderful pic's again-makes me want to climb on a plane and head down to see the sights. The plant is Agapantha-we had them in California. Rain is in the forecast here for this weekend. Have a blessed day!
    Hugs to you.

  2. What a great post, Nellie!! I was just there a few weeks ago, and it is so neat to see so much through your lens that I didn't see myself!! It is such a lovely place. I would love to go back and spend a little more time. Thanks for putting this together for us to enjoy!!

    Hugs, sweetie,

  3. You mentioned in the last post about the pictures taking so long to download/upload. Do you do it straight from your camera? Or do you use a reader/writer to transfer the pictures? I use an ohm USB multicard reader writer. We found it at Target. It works great for us and picture upload quicker from that than from the camera. Also I don't use the camera battery as fast that way.

  4. What a fun place to visit, I love all the bed and breakfast, I have yet to stay in one. I bet it would be so fun!!! Thank you for sharing on http://ohmyheartsiegirl.com/launch-day/ Hope you get new eyes on your post. I have pinned to my new board specifically for the event.
    I hope you have a great week!

  5. Sounds like a nice relaxing time! I have always wanted to take a carriage ride but have never gotten around to it; in any of the cities I've visited.


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