Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday & Fall - Sept. 23, 2010

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In Everything give thanks....for this is the will
 of God in Christ Jesus for you!!
1 Thessalonians 5:18

Evenin' Sweet Peas,

So how has your Thursday been???

Have to say mine went pretty well,  and way
better than I expected, since I had to go back
for the 2nd part of my root canal!!  lol

I wasn't really anywhere close to as nervous 
as last time,  so that was good,  but just didn't
expect to be feeling as good as I am, so that
would be my praise

I am thankful
for those killer massages they give at my
Chiropractors office,  they alone are worth
the trip.  lol
Course, the adjustments are what really does
the work of making you feel better for 
the long run!!
I am thankful
for blow dryers and curling wands for without
them my hair would sure be a mess.  Plus they
make doing your hair so easy,  cause I am not
really good with doing my hair.
I am thankful
that we have Rosie visiting again.  She just has
such an adorable personality, and she really cracks
us up - cause she dances and growls to get my
hubby to give her a dog cookie.  We call her
the "Cookie Queen".
I am thankful
it is officially Fall today!!  I just love Fall....  and
I am gonna wear my first jeans since April or May,
(course, I will still wear shorts cause it is still hot, fall
or not)  Hey that rhymes, guess I am just a poet and
didn't know it!!  lol
Will start wearing darker colored clothes and shoes
to church anyway.  I am a southern girl,  and you don't
 wear white shoes after  Labor Day,  but the last few years
 I have overcome that old rule, but,  I have to say I felt a lil
 funny about it, wearing  white heels and a clearly summer
 outfit last Sunday,  but I just told myself officially
 it is still Summer!    So you are good to go girl!!  lol

Amazing how those things your Mom taught you
stick with you so well!!  lol

I am thankful
for irons and ironing boards.  I know that sounds
crazy, but imagine how wrinkled and awful we would
 look when we wear cotton and linen fabrics of which
I wear all the time,  cause polyester makes me too hot.
I like to look crisp and fresh when I got out,  not so
much that I like ironing but I do love the results.
Actually,  I don't mind ironing at times and it can
be quite enjoyable if I can watch something good
on TV while I do it.  Once one of Dee's boyfriends
happened to be here while I was ironing cloth
napkins and he wanted to know why I was doing
that!!  lol   So Dee asked me...........and I said
cause they look much nicer on the table that if
they are a wrinkled mess!!

Does anyone agree with Me on that!!  lol
I am thankful
for cloth napkins,  cause they just add a touch
of class to a lovely table.  Not that I don't use
paper,  but I really started using more cloth napkins
for everyday use to help spare our trees,  thinking
that was a good thing,  then someone said but then
you have to wash and iron them and that uses
precious resources too!!   That sort of seems like
a no win situation when you put it that way!!  
I still like clothe napkins better!!  lol
Who Knows???
I am thankful
to the Lord Jesus for his wonderful faithfulness
in providing for us.  Jim got more work this month
from his old Company,  but looks like it will be 
 much more than the previous months.  The Lord
knows about all these chiropractic and dental 
bills.  He is soooooooo good to us!!
and He is faithful to us in everyway!!
Praise His Name!!

I am thankful
for christian movies,  and that we are seeing more 
and more of them in the theatres.  Movies like Fireproof, 
 Secrets of Jonathan Sperry,  Facing the Giants,  and  One
 night with the King.  That is so refreshing!! 
 And Amazing,  given the day and age we live in.

We saw one this week,  we had never seen before,
we got it from Netflix,  it is called "You, Me and Us
Forever",  and it is based on a true story.  It was
not at all what I expected,  but it was a really good
story, so think you would enjoy it.

I am thankful
Dee was able to come over this week and have
dinner with us on Monday evening,  always a 
thrill to a Mom's heart, and a dad's as well!!
I am thankful
I had zucchini pancakes that I had made in the
freezer as they went very well with Parmesan crusted 
tilapia and roasted asparagus for din din tonight.
They have really come in handy a number of times
when I needed to make something quick or just
wanted a  healthy snack.
I am thankful
for the lovely, peaceful, quiet and delightful time
I have just come in from - I have been sitting
out in the backyard with a nice cup of coffee
and reading a simply delightful book that was
given to me by a sweet friend last year.

It is called " Give Thanks"  by Karla Dornacher
and here is her web address if you would like to check
 out her and this
is her blog.

  She has a number of books and she does all her own 
writing and art work, they are inspirational, beautiful, fun
and full of whimsy!!  

Isn't it cute!!

Unfortunately,  when I went to get her address,
it says her book store is closed for right now,
as she is in the middle of a move,  but decided
to give it to you anyway,  cause you can still go over
 and see what she has,  and maybe if you wanted to
 get something later!!  

I do not know her personally, but was introduced
to her book, via Becky over at Holiday in the Sun,
she doesn't know her personally either,  but we 
both adore her workmanship and inspiration.

I will show you a few pics from her book, and
if you go over to Beckys blog,

 She had a post about her on Monday with
a few pictures.  I'm not trying to copy her,  I just love
the book and think this lady deserves to be known.
Well, That is my list of thankful's for this week,

Hope you have some too!!

May you have a Wonderful Fall Friday
and Weekend  Sweet Friend,

Love, Hugs and Cozy Fall Blessings
to you and yours,

tell us,

what are you thankful


BECKY said...

Your scarecrow is so cute!! Love your thankful list, too, and so glad to hear there is more work for your hubby!! Praise be to God! He knows and meets our needs so wonderfully!!

Love and hugs to you, dear friend! Staying busy here trying to get my shop stocked up!!!

Have a happy Friday and woohoo for fall!

Rebecca said...

I'm WITH you on the ironing and cloth napkins...

I'm thankful for $10 pizza at Pizza Hut (and the $10 to purchase it). It makes 2 meals and a snack for us!

I'm thankful for the tremendous encouragement I receive every day at the "hands" of my blogging friends. The circle of friendship and support just keeps enlarging. I thank God for this!

A Hopeful Heart said...

What a great thankful list!!! Rejoicing with you that your dear hubby has gotten some work. Also, that your root canal is complete and went better than expected.

We are chiropractic folks as well. In fact, when we move from here, our wonderful chiropractor is one of only a few things we will miss.

I'm with you on cloth napkins. I DO occasionally use paper, but I have long preferred cloth. And, in fact, one of the things on my to-do list today is to iron about a dozen napkins that have recently been laundered. I don't always iron them...depends on how wrinkled they are.

Oh, I love the artwork of Karla Dornacher. SO sweet!!

I intend to send you a long email this morning, so be on the look out for that.


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

It sounds as if your week was a good one. Mine has been too, my daddy is here...that makes me very happy.

Kathleen said...

Hi Nellie!
I am thankful I stopped in today to read your post! :)
I don't know about the ironing board, I think I would be more thankful if they invented cotton that doesn't wrinkle. I don't mind ironing napkins though! Sometimes I just take them out of the washer and stretch them out , smoothing the wrinkles out with my hands, and they dry nice and crisp. I wish I could do that with my face! Press out all the wrinkles!

Sister Susie said...

O Happy Day!
#1. I know you are really happy the D-Day of Root Canal is over with. (You know, Dentist-Day!)
#2. Mine keeps me from becoming... "there was a crooked woman who walked a crooked mile...." I really fill better when I leave.
#3. Yes, I really love Melitta's blow dryers and curling irons, lol! Another reason for working, ha!
#4. I think a better name for Rosie would be the "Cookie Diva!" lol!
#5. I need to pay attention to that. I carry my black purse no matter what color clothes I have on!!
#6. Have you ever tried the hand steamers?
#7. Have you ever tried the hand steamers? ha!
#8. Hey, maybe the LORD will make this company hire Jim on a full time at home workcase!
#9. I need to start watching the movies you suggest. It's amazing with so many channels on Bright House, some nights all there is to watch is NRCA drag racing or golf! I like both.
#10. Do you think mom and dad thought that of me, hee hee?
#11. That sounds good. I think I asked you before if you put syrup on that (?)
#12. That is what I feel every day when I come home. The peace and ... well the animals are glad to see me, so there's not so much of the quiet until after they have all had me hug, pet and love on them! Then I can go and relax!

Until next Thankful Thursday,
Love, Susie

Jess said...
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Jess said...

Another lovely post Nellie.
Just had to share that I am always thankful for my dear Hubby who shows his love for me in so many ways! He is truly GOD's best blessing in my life and an example of Christlikeness.
Hope you have a restful and fun weekend.

Janet said...


I am glad your root canal is done. I could feel your pain.

To answer your question about green pumpkins picked early they still may possibly ripen in because we are keeping them in the sun. I will let you know. Thanks for visiting my BLOG and all the nice comments.

Blessings & Hugs

Cinderella Moments said...

You made me laugh with this list! I love the hair dryer and white shoes!!!