Monday, September 20, 2010


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Happy Monday to You!!!

Was your weekend a delight??

Full of work that you had to do??

or a lil bit of both??

I hope it was good whatever you
had to do!!

Our's was very good!!
 we played cards Friday night just the 2 of us, 
and ate Pumpkin pie and drank coffee,
 then Sat. Scott and Megan spent part of the day
 and evening with us.
I made a nice dinner with a cilantro/lime
pork roast we found at Sam's,  and roasted
carrots and a salad, with a new salad dressing
I just happened to find on the Good Season's
Packet - It was Cilantro/Lime,  so I made it
and everyone loved it!!  Will share it with
yall sometime this week. Very easy to make.

We had a very lovely and sweet time
with Scott and Megan,  they both seem so
much happier and we had such a good visit.

Oh yea, wanted to tell those of you who
made the pumpkin butter that we tried
it last night on plain cheesecake,  and
it was delectable to say the least.

I just spread the pumpkin butter on the top, 
 then drizzled some smuckers caramel fat free
 sundae syrup on it,  added some walnuts and a
 tad of fat free whip cream.

Felt like we were eating at the cheesecake factory!!

Actually, the plain cheesecake was made by cheesecake
 factory,  we bought it in the frozen food section at sam's.  
We keep it on hand so if we want to have someone over
 for dessert,  we always have something on hand. 
 I have made it into Chocolate/turtle cheesecake, 
 strawberry cheesecake,  and now we have
 pumpkin butter/caramel cheesecake.
They are all delightful, I must say!!

We rarely eat it unless we have company, 
 but we did need to try it out with the pumpkin
 butter, so I could report back to you!!  lol

Here's a closer look,  hungry now.........
running out the door to sam's by any chance. lol

 I believe Cracker Barrel sells pumpkin butter, 

but have never tried it,  but I am sure it is  good,
since anything else they have is!!

Am I a wicked wicked woman,  tempting yall
like that!!  Sorry,  I just couldn't help myself,
don't know what came over me!!  lol
I know..... it was the cheesecake and pumpkin
butter's fault!!  lol

I promise I will be good now!!

Have decided if I can't find anymore canned
pumpkin I might try Sweet potatoes, cause
sweet potato pie is awesome, in fact,  I like
it better than pumpkin, and I love pumpkin!!

Made Scott and Megan some before they
left,  and Scott happily took it home!! lol
He loves it too!!

Okay, enough about the pumpkin butter!!  lol

I have pretty much finished my Fall decorating,
and it has been such fun,  and we are enjoying
the change of colors so much.  Will show you
some pics soon. 

Mr Cozy Place (thought I would try it out, since I
 have seen other ladies use that for their hubbies)
  really likes it when I decorate for fall,  think cause it
 looks a bit more rustic and the colors are darker and
a bit more manly is probably the reason.

So glad he is enjoying it,  and nice that he is saying
how much he is enjoying it way more than usual.
AHHH............probably because he has been here
24/7 like me,  and really likes and needs the change!!  lol

Compliments of

Yesterday, we had a great day,  our Pastor delivered
a dyn o mite message,  we just wanted to stand up
and cheer him on!!  It was the about the story of
David and Bathsheba and the results and 
consequences of Adultery, and how he felt David
got to that place,  and how we need to be on our
guard against compromise and that we need to
be living a Holy life.  He is always great but He
was over the top great yesterday!!

Then we went and got our fave smoothie,
and came home and had lunch and read the
 paper a lil and took a longgggggggg nap!!

Then later that night watched some great 
Pastor's on TV.  Have you ever seen Ed Young
Senior??  He really tells it like it is,  and is just
so good,  he also has a son, Ed Young Jr.,  that
is really great too,  really appeals to the younger
crowd but we really like him too!  We haven't
seen him on TV lately tho,  but we are so
enjoying his daddy,  no wonder he is so good,
he comes from great stock!!  lol

Well, we started our Monday off right,
by getting a lil gardening exercise early,

We worked out in the front flower bed 
this morning early and trimmed some bushes
 and pulled gobs of weeds,  where do they
 all come from,  ugh!!  They really like us
I guess!!  lol

Oh, and if you are participating in the 

140 days of prayer for our nation this is 
week #12 and our scripture reading is
from Matthew 5:10-12 and we are to
pray about the War against Jesus.

Well, Sweet Friends,
Yall have a Sunny Smiley Monday!!

Remember that is Smiley not Smelly!!  lol

Hugs and Blessings Galore,


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend. My dad is here and we had our grandsons overnight Saturday night. They are 3 and not quite 2, the little one decided not to sleep unless he was in our bed. So, he slept and we kept getting kicked all night. There we were having a conversation at 4:00 a.m.! It was worth it to have that cute thing snuggled up with us!

Sister Susie said...

It all looks great! I haven't had any in a while. I'm trying to eat better, ha!
I love you all,

Anonymous said...

Nellie, it looks delicious. You all must have had a lovely time.
I have heard many ministries participating in the 40 days prayer for our nation. I pray the church returns to seek more of God and less of this world. I pray that for my family, too.
Sweet blessings :)
Hope you have a beautiful week.
p.s.- Miss Molly, your cat, is so pretty.

Janet said...


You crack me up. That cheesecake did make my tummy growl.... Thank you for sharing your life exerperiences and showing how to enjoy each moment God has given us.

Have a wonderful day!
Blessings & Hugs

Cinderella Moments said...

That cheesecake shot looks like a cookbook picture. Great job!