Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - Sept. 30, 2010

The Heavens declare the Glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Welcome to Thankful Thursday
Sweet Encouragers,

Hope this post finds you full of praise to our
 Wonderful Lord for all his goodness to us.

I took these photos early Sunday Morning,
 I saw a few others took them too, and showed
them on Monday,  so I decided to wait for today.,
but isn't it neat,  that we all live in different places,
(I live in Florida) and had a pink, and blue sky. 
 How neat is that!!
The Lord must have been in a pink and Blue
Mood on Sunday!!  lol

 That lil pinhead white dot up there is the moon!!

It has been a delightful day here,  cool, breezy,
overcast and cloudy but delightful,  was able to
sit out on the porch and read my bible this morning,
and you know how I love that!!  We even got up
late so I was able to sit out there in comfort at
11 a.m.,  and it was only 75 degrees.
ahhhhhhhhhh,  the refreshment of it all!!
So guess my first praise would be
I am thankful
that the tropical storm passed us by, and we
had delightful weather rather than a terrible
stormy day!!

I am thankful
Scott got home from his trip to Louisianna (for work)
safe and sound.

I am thankful
Dee and Megan (his girlfriend) were both here last
evening and had dinner with us.  This was a first
to just have the 2 girls.  Dee was picking up Rosie
and Megan was dropping off Joey!!  lol
We really had a fun evening together.  Just went
by too quickly!!  lol

I am thankful
for the great singing we had in church on Sunday
morning.  It was like everyone was singing with
their heart and soul, and with such gusto, It was
 wonderful. Now....  it is always good,  but for some
 reason it was especially great,  I am sure it had
 something to do with something our Pastor prefaced
 it with or even the great messages he has been
preaching lately.

I am thankful
for another great movie we watched last evening
that was so inspiring.  It was another movie made 
by the Billy Graham Association, and it is called
 "Something to sing about".
It really was such a good movie.

 So do you see a theme here about the singing.....
Well,  I have another one believe it or not!!  lol

I am thankful 
for an email I rec'd from one of the fellas that used
to attend our college/career bible study we held
many years back,  it had a link to u tube

The video is of a  lil 7 yr old girl singing.  Her name is Rhema
Marvanne.  She lost her Mom to ovarian cancer when she was
six yrs. old, and what a testimony this precious lil girl is for
our God
It is truly just an amazing video.  Once you get to this
link,  there are a number of other videos about her as well.
Truly a blessing!!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I am thankful
for left over chicken and dumplings from last night.
All I have to do is make a Veggie.  Love that!!
and was able to share some with my SIL
who is presently sick.

I am thankful
for rubber mulch.  Now I know that sounds a bit
silly,  but really I am.  We have this flower bed
where our mailbox is,  and everytime we have
a heavy rain all the mulch floats to the other side
 of the driveway or out on the grass,  but some months
 back we decided to try the rubber mulch,  and that spot
 looks great all the time now.  No more raking up mulch
or replacing mulch.  At some point think I would like to put 
it in all our beds,  cause it will last forever,  cause rubber
 doesn't break down easily.

I am thankful
that hubby had so many breakthroughs today.  He
has sort of been stymied with some technical things
as he is doing work from his old job,  and also on
something he is working on towards a business,
and was getting a lil bummed last night.  So God
gave him the answers to everything today.  So he
is a happy guy.  I told him I thought the Lord didn't
answer yesterday, because it meant more hrs. in
his paycheck,  if he had the answer right away,
he would have finished sooner!!

I am thankful
for all the glorious skies the Lord paints for us
each and every day.  How could I not be thankful
after looking at these pics.  He does incredible
work,  does he not!!

I am thankful
that I got an email yesterday from an old time
friend of 38 yrs.  She lives in Indiana and is
babysitting her 3 grandies daily.  Don't know
how she does it.  God Bless Her!!  Think it
is because she  is in love with being a Grammy,  
and that is so Wonderful!!

I was so touched that she said, she enjoyed reading
my blog ,  and it made her feel like she had talked
 with me, and knew what was going on.
 I forgot I even told her about it!!  lol
So that was a sweet surprise.

I am thankful
for all my blogging buddies and all the lovely,
and encouraging comments you leave for me.
Also thankful for all the things I learn from you,
 all the inspiration I get from you whether it being
 spiritual, decorating, tablescaping, painting and
 refinishing,  cooking or a myriad of others things.
You Sweet Peas bring a lot of fun and joy to my life.
Thank You for that!!

Well..............That sums up my thankful list.

Hope you have a Fun Friday
and a Fantastic Weekend!!

Blessings, Love and Hugs,

Now you do have something
you are thankful for.....

why not tell us???


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I always love to read your thankful reminds me to be thankful for the simple things (like mulch)! It is hard not to be thankful for the beautiful weather after so many months of high heat. This is such a glorious time of year!

Have a wonderful evening.


Sister Susie said...

#1 Amen! I am thankful we did get some rain from it.
#2.Does he use his company truck for that or does he fly?
#3. Time does fly when you're having fun!
#4. Yes, and loud too! (Even for me!) Of course John was in the booth and he likes the music in volume, ha!
#5. I haven't watched any movies for a while.
#6. I will go back and watch. If I do it in the middle of my typing, I may lose what I've written!
#7. I'm thankful for your left over chicken and dumplins too! Thank you for bringing me some while I'm "under the weather!"
#8. I need to weed my front flower beds and use some as well. I wonder if it keeps the weeds from growing back?
#9. God has His timing. It's hard sometimes to wait on Him!
#10. Yes He does! My favorite was viewing the cool night sky from an area that wasn't lit up with lights! It's amazing how the sky seems more clear when the night has a chill!
#11. Blogs can make communication better I think. You have to stop and think on what the person wrote. It gives you more time to share your own responses!
#12. I hope all is well with Janet. I've missed her blogs. I love Bonnie's blog when I can respond as I do to your Thankful Thursday's!
Love to you all,
Susie (Thanks again for the cheese cake and dumplins!!!)

Kathy said...

Hello thankful Nellie!
These days I'm thankful God is in Charge...
That He is faithful...
That he wants the best for each and everyone of us...
Have a wonderful weekend Darlin.
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Rebecca said...

I like your #12! So true.

I'm thankful for some relief from the severity of pain I'd been experiencing in my knees.

I'm thankful for the crisp temperatures we're enjoying. Makes for great sleeping.

I'm thankful for health enjoyed pretty much throughout our entire family circle.

I'm thankful for a personal copy of the Bible! I love to read it, hold it in my hands, turn its pages, and "hear" God speak to me in my personal situation.

I'm thankful for the generosity of friends who have gifted us with special surprises lately.

I could go on and on and on :)

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

I am thankful that we are home from vacation safe and sound. There is no place like home. As much as I enjoyed everything I love to be at home. Plus we missed our pets.

Thanks for checking up on me! I missed you last week!

I love you my friend