Saturday, September 5, 2009

Have a Delightful Sabbath Day!

Happy Sunday to You!!
Don't you just love butterflys??
I do, and I also love what they represent!
A metamorphosis ( change of physical form, structure or
substance especially by supernatural means).
A lowly worm/caterpillar changed into
A Beautiful andFree Butterfly.

If we truly know Jesus, that is what you and I
should represent as well,
2 Corinthians 5:17 says,
"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new
creation; the old has gone, the new has come!
For years after I found Jesus, I never heard
anything about how Jesus can and will
change your life, but one day almost 29 years
ago now, we started going to a small church
that was in our town community center,
and the Pastor was talking about how Jesus
changes your life, and I thought Wow!!,
I have never heard that before.
So the next morning, I got on my knees
and said Lord, I believe in you and have
for a long time, but I don't see any changes
in my life, but I want to and it wasn't too
long after that the Lord started putting
people in my path, and a daily bread in
my hands that helped me understand
and read my bible, and low and behold,
I started to see some changes............
First in my marriage, and then in all sorts
of areas, like fear, worry and patience,
and He is still working on me 29 years later.
I am still in that same church, it is just
a lot larger now, and we have seen a lot
of changes and had a lot of Pastors,
but one things has never changed,
and that is Jesus and His love for me
and for You!!
The Lord loves us just the way we are,
but He loves us too much to leave us
the way we are because he knows
there are things in our lives that if
left there will destroy us and the life
He has planned for us.
So if you have never heard Jesus
will change your life,
Ask Him??? He is just waiting???
Have a Delightful Sunday Sweet Friend,
Hugs and Blessings,


Bonnie said...

Beautiful post Nellie! I wrote a post the other day called What Color Is Your Day or something like that...I can't remember the exact title. If you didn't see it I hope you can look at it. It is sort of my Sunday message for the week. I think I wrote it on Thursday. We are traveling down to see a very dear friend who is pretty sick tomorrow. They live 2 hours away from us near the beach so we are making a day of it. We never miss church but we just have to go and see them. She is basically dying and in her 80's. It may be our last chance. They are my bother, Gary's in-laws and like parents to me too.

But we are not just Sunday Christians and I know you aren't either. So hopefully the Lord will forgive our missing church for a good reason!

Have a great Sunday, all of you!

&hearts: Bon

Jess said...

Great thoughts Nellie.

Wasn't our church service extra wonderful today?
The worship of our Glorious LORD overwhelmed my heart and the message was so timely.
I am praying that my sister in Vero will listen to it online because she has discounted the Bible as being written by men.
How Precious is God's Word to those appreciate His Grace and want to be changed!
My new theme is "Transparent and Transformed!"
Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day with your family.
Love ya.