Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's Thankful Thursday - August 13, 2009

( Picture compliments of Mary Dover Publishing)
Good Afternoon Sweet Friends,
And Welcome to Thankful Thursday
Hope it has been a nice day for you,
My day has been very good so far,
we are about to get a Gully Washer, I think, (translates to
very hard rain - just in case you are not from the south),
Just saw yellow leaves flying off the tree,
looks like Fall out there already!! ha
Well, I am very thankful that we got all the stuff
with the bogus checks taken care of accept for
one other thing. Just found out the new acct.
is only in hubbies name when I called the bank
about something else. Who knows why they
did that, since they opened a new one from
a joint acct., well.......... it was Sat. and they probably
wanted to get home to their family. Can't
blame them, I suppose!
The Lord has been very good to us to let
this whole thing be very easy for the most part.
I am also very thankful for the visit with my niece Heather,
who is 26, and sweet lil nephew Bryson. He is adorable,
we got the biggest kick out of him, and he is on the move
crawling and learning to walk. He was pretty pleasant
for a lil fella going thru so much.
Scott and DeeAnna had not seen her for quite a long
while, so it was fun for them to see her and the baby
as well. We had a nice Pot Roast din din with some
great cheesecake hubby got a Sams, and visited till late
in the evening. Told you late spells fun to us!!
We all had a good nights sleep and some breakfast
and She and Bryson left about noon today for home.
We are so thankful for the prayers of God's people
for Bryson, he had no diahrrea all day yesterday
or up until she left today, and his lil bottom looks so
much better already............ so I am thinking it is
probably the prayer for sure.
We are thankful that the Dr. albeit she was not quite
as helpful as we had hoped did agree to test him
for Celiac disease (thanks to a blog I read from
the Blessed Nest I think it is) if I am wrong let
me know and I will print a rebuttle!!
That is one thing he has not been tested for,
and the Dr. did say they would do more stool
samples and some other bloodwork, and that
Heather can have them done from a lab at home and
then the lab will send the results to the Dr., so that
was really good news.
Also, we were thankful the Dr. said, that she thought Bryson
looked good, and had not lost any weight, and there was no
blood in his stool and she saw no signs of dehydration at this point
so she wasn't too worried. She asked Heather when she had him infused
last with Pedialyte and she couldn't remember the date exactly
because she only had 1 hr. of sleep the night before, so she
was exhausted and couldn't think straight, plus she had
her Drs. office fax all that info to the new Dr. - 2 weeks
ago, so that the Dr. would have plenty of time to check it
over and possibly formulate some ideas of what else to test for,
but she had not even looked at it!!
Very Disappointing to Heather, as you can imagine!!
She did give Heather a new Probiotic to try
that is made specifically for children, so hope
that will be helpful as well.
She told her to go home have them do the tests
and come back in a month. I told her I would
call and see if the results showed anything first,
because that is a long way to drive to come and
find out nothing or that there is nothing that
they are going to do! Told her she should have
them call the results to her pediatrician up there
if they want tell her over the phone.
Now I am thankful for "Dulce De leche" cheesecake.
That was the new cheesecake hubby got at Sams,
It is a yummy treat I must say, not that we can
partake of it very often, but will sure be fun
when we can!!
I am thankful for Parsnips!!
They are a new veggie
that I had heard about but never really tried.
I mixed it with the carrots and potatoes in my
Pot Roast last night and it was quite good.
If you haven't tried them, you need to, cause
they are really great. They look like carrots
only are white!!
A while back I roasted Carrots and Parsnips
in the oven. Saw it in a magazine somewhere,
and they looked delicious so decided to try it,
and much to our delight they were as good
as they looked.
Roasted Carrots and Parsnips Recipe
I cut them like french fries threw them in a bowl added
olive oil, granulated garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste,
mixed it all together, spread them on a cookie sheet.
You can spray the cookie sheet with Pam or cooking spray
but usually they have enough olive oil they don't stick)
(Mine is a nonstick cookie sheet but it is fairly old)
and baked them for about 15-25 mins. in a 350 degree oven.
Think you will like them a lot!!
And I am thankful for exercise, even tho there are times
I reallllllllllllllllly do not want to do it, I am so thankful
when we do cause I feel soooooooooo much better!!
I am especially thankful for Leslie Sansone walking
tapes because you can exercise anytime you want,
so when it is too hot or too cold, or raining or you
just don't feel like going out, she's is always
available, and most of all her exercise routines
get you in great shape. We have been doing
them for almost 4 years now. So thank you
Leslie, We love You!! No, I am not getting
a kick back for this free advertising, I don't
know her personally, but feel like I do since
we have been exercising together for sooo long.
Well, guess that is my list for today, hope you
have a nice long list as well. It is always such
a good thing to count your blessings cause it
really helps your perspective on life.
Oh Yea, and I am thankful for praying friends
like you..........there is nothing like it!!
You are a blessing.
And I am definitely thankful that God is in the
prayer hearing and prayer answering business,
Thank you Lord!!
Have a Great Evening,
and I will do my best to post the
"Parma Rosa Spaghetti" recipe tomorrow!!
Love and Blessings,


  1. sounds like a lot to be thankful for! a lot of wonderful things :)
    i sure hope Heather gets the answers she needs so her baby can start healing. If it's celiacs disease then that can be fixed with eating the right foods and not eating anything with wheat- no cheating either. it's powerful stuff- gluten. i have an intolerance which is a pain enough i can't imagine having celiacs. but she can manage that thankfully .i'll be keeping them in my prayers. i have a bunch of leslie sansone dvd's too. i love her dvd's.

  2. Sounds like things are going well for you, Nellie. We love the roasted veggies too. They are all the rage out here in Cali right now. I looked all over for the Lime Pepper at our Sam's but it is not a west coast item apparently. Only Lemon Pepper on our shelves. If you haven't been to my blog today there are a few funny stories on there that you might enjoy.

    ♥ ♥ ♥ Bon

  3. God is so Good! Isn't is great to see answered prayer!! Recipe! Yes! I can hardly wait! Read you tomorrow!

  4. Such a happy post! Made me feel uplifted. Thanks!


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