Monday, August 10, 2009

Picture from Gorham, New Hampshire

Hello ..................It's Monday!!
Hope you are having a fairly decent day today,
I know most of us are not crazy about Monday.
Poor Monday does get a bad rap.
But.............where would we be without this day of the week.
Ya gotta start somewhere, but I know sometimes I am
sort of our of it on Monday, then other times I am very
productive on Monday.
Anyway, I will fill you in on my Monday so far..........
Hubby went to the bank promptly at 9 when it opened.
They did unfreeze our money and put it into our new
acct., and left just enough in the old one to cover the
2 checks that should be coming thru soon. They have
fraud prevention working on the problem and we
should hear from them in a few days, and they
should be putting the stolen money back into our
acct. hopefully, sometime this week.
So the Lord has gone before and pretty much taken
care of most everything at this point.
So we just have to wait and see what the fraud dept.
comes up with in a few days, and if they do put the $$
back in our acct. We did hear from a sweet bloggy friend
who gave me so really good info on identity theft
cause she has been thru it herself and used to work
for a bank. That info was greatly appreciated, and
she is praying as well. Thank you sweetie!!
Spent some time with my sweet sister (Jim's sister
biologically, mine thru marriage) this morning having
coffee and chatting, that was fun!! She is a kindergarten
teacher, and a mighty fine one I might add.
She has had many of our church families children
in her classroom over the years, and the kids and
parents really love her.
I remember when we used to
be coordinators and teachers of children's church
years ago, she would teach for us at times,
and we would go check to see if she needed
anything, and all the kids would be sitting on the
floor quiet as a mouse listening intently.
We would be in amazement!! How do you do
that??? If we had a lull in anything for 2 seconds,
they would be all out of wack in a hurry,
and that was with 2 of us.
She is in complete command of the class,
think it is truly a gift from the Lord,
and we obviously did not have it!! ha
After Susan left, I went to clean my shower,
the one we are using all the time, while the
other one is getting tiled. I have learned to use
pure white vinegar and a scrunge pad to get rid of
soap scum and it works like a charm. Don't have
to scrub hard either. Just spray let it sit a few
minutes then go over it with the scrunge, and
rinse with hot water. The tiles look great!!
Give it a try. Have to say it does smells tho,
but smells less caustic than most soap scum
products, so that makes it a green product!! ha
Probably what our grandmothers used
years ago anyway!!
Well, that's my story and I am sticking to it.
Hope your day has been a bit more productive
than mine, course, I am reminded that you can't
always judge productive by what you see or do,
in God's eyes it has been a good, productive day
relationally!! and after all, He is all about
People!! So I spent time talking on the
phone to several people and with people in
my house as well. So there ya go!!
It has been a Productive day..........
told you I am just a simple girl!!
Have a good one,
Love and Blessings,


  1. I surely love reading your blogs each day! It's like having a personal diary in story form! Thanks for your loving comments, sister Nellie! I treat the little ones like they were my own! It's funny sometimes when they come up to ask a question and start it with, "Mom, I mean Ms. Todd..." The last couple of years that has changed to,"Gramma, I mean Ms. Todd..." I respond with, "Gramma!!!" They just giggle and we go from there! It's a great joy and honor that my LORD directed me to work with these precious souls for 32 years now!

  2. You're too cute! Love and hugs to you my sweet friend!! and CHEAP!! Can't beat that!!


  3. Hi Miss Nellie! I am following you now! Your blog looks great! And I hope you have a great day!!!

    Love, Madison

  4. White vinegar?? Do you think it would work on my fiberglass??? I might try it because I am forever battling with the soap scum here! And with my back scrubbing tubs is not an easy thing! Sorry to hear about your problems with the bank. How awful to have something like that happen! Love the picture! Enjoy your day!

  5. I agree with you, Nellie, the vinegar smells pretty awful but it does work on mirrors and ahrd surfaces too. Jim got back into using it a few weeks ago when he and the teen boys at church decided to wash cars for several of the elderly widows one evening. The ladies were delighted...they didn't care that their cars smelled like salad!

    You take care,

    ♥ Bonnie


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