Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Wonderful Celebration

( A birthday cake I made for a card last year!)

Well Good Morning Sweet Friends,

Thought I would just say Hello and hope

you are having a nice Tuesday so far.


We have a very nice Birthday Celebration

for DeeAnna last night. Her choice of Beef

Stroganoff, salad, and bread, and Strawberry

Shortcake was not just a hit with her but a hit

with us all!!


My sister-in-law Susan came and Dee also brought

her room-mate Becky, who is a cute, tiny and very

fun little gal. We enjoy her a lot. So really enjoyed

having her with us, and of course, my hubby
and Scott were here too.


I had planned to take some pics of everything since my

sweet and might I say, brave sister-in-law loaned Mrs. Butterfingers,

her camera until I can get a new one. We are looking, but haven't

found the one yet. I got a few shots of the table before

everyone came, but however, once everyone got here, I got so caught
up in the festivities (which is really a good thing) that I forgot.
all about taking any more pictures.
Here is a nice shot of the table. Girlie don't you think!!
I love Girlie!!


I included something today for you ladies who love

decorating like I do.

Thought I would give you a close up of the centerpc.

I got this idea from another sweet long time friend, Diane.

She is so creative in her gift giving, and knows just what

I like. She saw a decorating magazine with this idea and

bought me the magazine and the egg cups to go along with it,

and it had several really cute ideas for what you can

do with egg cups. I still had some pink carnations

leftover from when we visited our friends at the

condo, she sent them home with me. So I was

able to find 9 that still looked good, so cut

them off real short and stuck them in the egg cups

(with some water of course). Then added some

candleholders with pink candles from Yankee Candle

called fresh cut roses, I love these candles

the smell sooooooo good!!

Of course, you can use any kind of flowers

in there, and I have also put candles in them,

or butter or sauces, or candy or colored

eggs at Easter! I am sure you can think of

other neat ideas. I like it because it is simple

yet pretty, and also low so it doesn't impede

conversation. Nice to be able to see who you

are talking to I think!! ha

If you have any other ideas for egg cups

let me know, I would love to hear them.



Just came back from the bank, and My Heavens, this has been a

frustrating day so far and it is only 10:52.

I am trying my best to keep a good attitude but stuff

just keeps going wrong by the minute! ha

Oh how the enemy of our soul loves to try and ruin

our joy. First thing this morning I noticed our

washing machine did not drain and has last nights

tablecloth and napkins still in it, then Scott called

and wanted us to fax something to him at work,

he has a fax, we don't, so we don't know how

to use it really, and he has a long cord cause

our phone hookup is across the hall.

We tried about 10 times and it would not work,

then I noticed a business card on his desk

to his company and it was a different fax #

so I was about to do that when he called

so I tried it again and it took about 5 more

tries. I have unconnected and reconnected

the fax machine from the telephone lines

about 4 times now) anyway, it finally, I hope went

but we thought it had gone once before so we will

see if they got it.


Then I just closed our old acct. and put stop pays on 2 checks

we have been expecting to go thru but never did, and that is

because we discovered on Sat. thru checking our visa acct.

(it was on lock down) someone has been tampering with our

Visa Acct. and that is one of the bills that never came

thru, so we think now that someone actually took our bills out of

our mailbox. Funny thing is I never mail bills that way anymore,

I take them to the post office or to a large mailbox

near our house, cause I have read not to do that.

I think it was when Jimmys car was having problems so

he had to drive mine, so I had no car to drive, and the

bills needed to go out, so I just put them in the box.

At least that is what we think happened. I wish I

knew for sure cause then I could file a police report.

Not that I want that hassle, but since we don't know

what other surprises we might get you wonder!!


Right after they put the stop pay on the checks,

we transferred the $$ out of that acct. to our new

acct. and closed it. Well,,,,,,, neither of us thought

about the fact that Jimmy gets paid on Thurs.

by direct pay and if the acct. is closed now what???

Called the bank back and she said she couldn't

be sure it would be open still cause it takes

about 48 hrs. or so. She suggested I go up

and deposit a very small amt. of money and

hopefully that will keep them from closing it.

She said if it was already closed the teller

would say so, thankfully, they took it

with no problems, so hope she is right or

we will have another ordeal with his

paycheck on Thursday, cause they will send

it back to the company and they will cut

him a check or something like that.

It will be delayed at any rate unless the

acct. stays open, So we will see, I am

sure the Lord will take care of it for us.


I am laughing my head off, I had to go let the dog

out and there was a huge and I mean huge

coachroach in the doorway and he ran under

the threshold of the door and unfortunately

it was on the inside of the door not outside.

So sprayed some Bug Stop down in the

cracks, then Joey (the dog) started throwing

up, not once, not twice, but 3 times!!

So as I am cleaning up after Joey I see the

huge coachroach on the carpeting in the

dining room, so he made it aways into the

house, but I must have gotten him with the

bug stop cause he was not moving to fast,

so I threw him in the bag with all the other

trash, so maybe he will die happy!!


Oh My what a post!! Just want you to know

you are not the only one who has crazy days.

Some days you wonder why you even got

out of bed. Well, I am off to DeeAnna's

we are going to attempt to hang her new

wall decor!! Told her I was afraid I might

bash a wall in or something! ha

I take that back, that is a negative confession!! ha

This day is getting more ridiculous and more

funny by the minute. I might as well leave

cause I definitely am not gonna accomplish

much here today. Let's hope it is better

at Dee's.


Well, hope your day is going much better than mine!!


Thanks for coming by,

hope I didn't depress you too much!! ha


Hugs and Blessings,



  1. Nellie, I don't need to fax very often, but when I do, I go by the church and can get it done. I don't do it very often, but if it is an emergency, she didn't mind!

  2. My friend, sure sounds like a full plate to me!! I'll be praying that tomorrow will be better and that this financial junk will be taken care of once and for all!! The table looks very pretty, and I'm glad Deeanna's birthday went well!

    We're heading to Universal tomorrow, so pray for good weather for us! Not my fave place, but we all get to go for nothing except the cost of food, so ya can't beat that.

    Love ya and will catch up soon.

  3. wow, that's a lot of crazy! love the table. very pretty for the party. i would have died if i saw the roach, and the vomiting dog, lol. i don't do well with bugs or vomit! that's horrible about the bank, bills, money. uggh. what a nightmare!

  4. Hoping your banking problems get solved quickly!! How awful for someone to invade your privacy like this! Love the table setting. Very pretty and love the centerpiece! Enjoy your day...well the rest of it!

  5. You definitely had me laughing over here. Not that what happened was funny but the funny part is how it snow balls on some days. Best of luck...no where to go but up tomorrow.

    The girlie table for Dee is so cute. I bet she loved that.

    Hang in there~this too shall pass...eventually! We have had something very similar in the banking credit card department one time. Big fat hassle but it eventually gets resolved.

    Hugs...get some sleep...Bon

  6. Good grief what a day! I am glad you can stay so positive about it and look back and laugh. Love the pretty girlie table!


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