Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sorry for the late post and no story today!!

Evening Sweet Friends,
Well, I am sorry this is posting so late,
but my day did not go as planned!!
That is why you should always say you will
do whatever, Lord willing!!
Here is a pic that somehow got lost in between
downloading and publishing yesterday, it happens to me
all the time, don't know what I do wrong or if it is
just the blog or formatting or whatever!!
My sink overlooks the family room, and I
absolutely love the open kitchen idea, whoever
came up with that had to be a lady that was sick
of being stuck in the kitchen alone on holidays. lol
Also, think gift bags were also invented by a
harried Mom, tired of being up late on Christmas
wrapping presents for everyone! lol
Well, here is the scoop I have pics of what my
story is about and I have looked high and low
and can not find them. Am praying the Lord
will direct me to them soon, but today evidently
was my timetable, not His!
So we will see what happens tomorrow. Meanwhile
I am racking my brain trying to figure out where in
the world I could have put them. I have pretty
much checked all those spots, but I did realize
I was looking for a folder and they are not in
a folder, that was our hurricane Charlie pics,
that is a whole nother exciting post for another
time, probably in the next few months.
Just figured out I think they are in the small
envelope you get them in when you have them
developed, cause we did not have a digital
camera back then.
I can do the story without them, but think
it would be a lot better with them. So please
be patient with me. Cause once I find them
I have to take pics of them so that I can
download them on the computer, at least
I hope that works, hubbby thinks it will!
Anyway, I hope you have had a very nice
day today. Mine has been busy but very good.
I am preparing to have 3 friends over for
brunch tomorrow morning, so I have been
vacuuming, and setting a nice table and baking
cranberry orange nut bread, and making
ham, cheese and brocoli crustless quiche,
and looking for pics, and then decided to make
some cranberrybutter to go with it. Had that at
our last ladies tea at church and it was delicious.
It tastes great even on wholegrain bread
as well, and it is just a few minutes to
whip together!
Found this recipe online today.
Cranberry Butter
1/2 cup butter softened
(I used land of lakes light butter with canola oil)
It has no hydrogenated oils, and it is delicious
and heart healthy and you want have to
wait for it to soften, cause it is already soft.
2 tablespoons of whole cranberry sauce
1 teaspoon of pure orange extract
1/4 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
Mix all ingredients together in medium bowl until
smooth. Refrigerate until ready to serve..
Doesn't get much easier than that!!
So try it out, you might just like it on your breakfast
toast, even the cranberry sauce itself was good like that.
I just had to sample everything, ya know!!
Well, friends you have a wonderful evening,
gotta go finish up a few things for tomorrow.
Hubby and I just came in for mowing and
weedeating and blowing the yard,
course, we didn't have enough time to do
the back, but it will wait for tomorrow
evening. It was starting to get dark, and
then it was lightning off in the distance,
I was praying we could get done quickly
before it got closer.
So mission accomplished!!
Well, thanks for coming by,
Talk with ya tomorrow
Blessings and Hugs,


  1. Mmmm cranberry butter! I'm going to try your recipe. Have fun at brunch today :)

  2. Cranberry orange nut bread sounds sooooooo delicious! Have a great time of fellowship!
    Blessings. =)

  3. Sorry I am so late in commenting on this post. The cranberry spread sounds fabulous. I must try it. I hope that you do find your photos, Nellie. It is frustrating when that happens after you are inspired to write about something. I have been on a quest lately to get my photos on my computer organized and titled and searchable. I think there are over 5,000 photos on it and it is no fun to try to find things anymore so I am taking them one by one and tagging them. It has been wonderful so far so it is motivating to get it done. there is always something to do, right?

    I am wondering if we ever get to completely together in this life..I am thinking....not!

    So do tell about your very fun yesterday!!

    Love, AB

  4. Hi Nellie!! You certainly made everything lovely, gal!! And that Cranberry Nut Bread/butter and quiche were wonderful! Not to mention the warm fellowship! Thank you for all you did to make it special.

    Still praying that you find those pics!!
    Hope your day is a good one!!

    Love ya,


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