Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - August 20, 2009

Picture compliments of Mary Dover Publishing
"Lilacs in the Window" by Mary Cassat


Hello Sweet Friends.

Hope you are having a great day today,
mine has been very good so far!
Well, it is good it is Thankful Thursday
cause I have plenty to be thankful about.
I am so Thankful that the last 2 days have
been so much better than Tuesday!! ha
I am Thankful for my sweet and lovely
25 year old daughter, DeeAnna
and that we had such a nice time together
for her birthday and hanging out on Tuesday.
We got most of her wall decor hung, still
have a little more to do.
I am Thankful that I got to hang out most
of the day yesterday with another long time
friend that I haven't been able to get together
with for probably close to 8 mos., cause she
was working full time. We have a lovely day
chatting and catching up, had a sub type sandwich
and of course, I made her a chocolate Elvis,
her first and she really liked it. It was a fun
day, just went by too fast!!
I am Thankful Jimmy (my hubby) was able to get our
washing machine fixed, and didn't have to spend
a penny, My Brilliant Hero!
I am also very Thankful for what a handy guy
he is, cause he does stuff like this all the time,
but also that he has such a willing heart to do it!!
I am Thankful that my son, Scott started his new job
on Monday, and seems to be enjoying the training
so much, and thinks he is really going to like it.
It is so great to see him so enthused and happy again!!
Also thankful his company got the fax after all that
craziness on Tuesday.
I am Thankful that the small deposit I made to our
acct. on Tuesday kept the acct. open so they could
deposit hubbies paycheck today!
Mission Accomplished, God is sooooooo good!!
I am Thankful, that it appears that this is the end of the fraudualent
stuff. We are waiting on one more phone call and hopefully that will do it!!
I am thankful that we could finally get our yard
mowed last night cause all it has done lately is rain.
yet I am thankful for it, because our grass and plants looks
so healthy and lush.
I am thankful for some new fat free frozen yogurt
that I found made by a company called "Kemps"
and I found it at Target Supercenter. It is delicious,
and because it is fat free we can make lots more
Chocolate Elvis's!! Yum Yum!!
And last but certainly not least,
I love this study I am doing by Beth Moore.
She really inspires me in my relationship with the
Lord and also helps me to dig into God's word.
If you haven't counted the things you are thankful
for this week, make it a point to do that and you
will feel soooooo much better about life!!
Leave a comment and tell me a few things
you are thankful for today, would love to
hear from you!!
Have a GREAT Thurday!!
Love and Blessings,


  1. I am so thankful for my home, family, friends, work, a steady income in this recession time, freedom, choices,safety, and most of all the Savior in my life through whom I can appreciate every else more. I am thankful that my youngest brother is about to complete 30 days of sobriety and is coming home from his inpatient program Saturday an new man with a new lease on life. It is a miracle, one we have been praying for all month.

    I am glad things have gotten better since Tuesday! LOL!

    Love, Bon

  2. wow, that is a lot to be thankful for! i love it! so glad your son is enjoying his new job.

  3. Many blessings are bestowed upon you and your family. Fun to read about them. I am glad your son is enjoying his job. Right now I am thankful it is Saturday an I am at home instead of work, although I am thankful I have a job too. Even though sometimes we could afford for me to stay home instead of work. sigh....


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