Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - August 27, 2009

(This is a backyard pic that I lost the other day,
I retook it, cause there are more flowers now)
Hello Sweet Friends,
and Welcome to Thankful Thursday.
It has been a good day, but it has truly
flown by, I can't believe it is 6p.m. already!
Where does the time go!!!
Just finished din din and I am getting ready
to go visit a dear friend I have not seen for
over a month, so I am very excited and can't
wait to catch up on things. Her son recently
got married, and I haven't seen pics or heard
about the wedding yet, so looking forward
to that, since we have known him since he
was probably 11 or 12, and he also used to be in
our 5-6th grade Sunday School class,
Years and Years ago, I might add!!
That makes me feel old!! Oh Well,
that is life isn't it!!
Hey, your as young as you feel, and some days
I feel 30 and other days close to 80!! ha
And some days I actually feel and act my age,
I'll never tell, well, what the heck,
I am almost 57 1/2 years old,
doesn't that sound like a 7 year old!! lol
You always wonder why nobody older says
that anymore!! Guess we are just not wantin
to rush the next year ahead, I suppose.
Ahhh, The way I see it's just a number anyway,
if you have eternal life with Jesus you never have to worry
about age! I love that!! Guess that would make
the #1 thing I am thankful for is eternal life because
of my relationship with Jesus.
(the next 3 pics are from our front yard)
Well, on withThankful Thursday,
#2 is for flowers, live would be so dull without flowers,
anyone agree with me on that!!
These flowers are all the flowers Scott planted
for us. They are Zinnia's, now I have never planted
them before and probably would not have picked
them because of that, but I am very happy with
them, they have bloomed continuously.

Isn't this a lovely double hibiscus. Sorry it is a lil bit blurry,
sorry Linnea, forgot about the macro setting. Duh!!

Well, #3 which really is #2, but somehow I loaded
the pics wrong!! Don't know how I manage that!!
My # 2-3 is the lovely day I had yesterday with
my friends. We had a nice leisurely brunch and
of course, lots of fun chatting, then Becky did
our devotional, and we made a complete day
of it!! It was wonderful, we talked about all sorts
of things. We talked in the dining room, in the
family room and in the kitchen, and I think we
pretty much left no rock unturned.

#4 is the Lord surprised me while I was setting the table
and had me come across these beautiful napkins I bought
months ago in St. Augustine, I had forgotten all about
them. So thought they were perfect for an end of the
summer brunch. Flowers Again, I just can not
resist them!!

This was suppose to come before the other one,
oh well, it is a close up anyway.

And here is the table. Was planning to take pics
later, but as usual I get caught up in the fun of things,
and that is that!
Oh, this time I used the little egg cups to put
the cranberry butter in, so each person had
their own personal cup. I love those lil things,
they are so handy!!


Well, # 5 is I am going to visit my friend Sharon,
and gotta get going. There is more I could say,
but lucky for you, I have to go!!
Have a great Friday tomorrow,
and May the Lord Bless You Really Really Good!!
Love and Blessings,


Madison said...

Hey Mrs. Nellie! You take really pretty pictures!! If you go to my blog and look in my favorite blogs list and search for "One Blessed Girl" you can see some beautiful pictures of flowers that my cousin took! Hope you have a great day!

Love, Madison

BECKY said...

Hey Nellie!
I sure agree with you about flowers!! God definitely gave earth a touch of femininity when He created these beauties!! I love zinnias!! They are just so HAPPY!!

Have a wonderful Friday, my friend!
Love ya,

Susan said...

What a beautiful front yard! It looks so different in pictures. I walk past it every time I come in your front door! I guess having a side view of it is different from a front view, ha! I hope your visit with your friend was enjoyable and joyful! I am really enjoying your pictures! You are doing a great job! Love, sister Susie

Bonnie said...

Oh, there is so much to be thankful for each day. I agree with you, I cannot imagine the earth without flowers. Yours are looking just lovely. I plant all my flowers in pots as the soil is not the best here and has a lot of clay or hard pan it is called. Anyway, this year we are having water rationing so I did not plant my usual many pots of flowers. I did buy two large pots of bougainvilleas and they have grown like crazy this summer. So I have missed the flowers but not the watering!

Your brunch sounds like it was plenty of fun. I see the centerpiece flowers are sitting in my place! I am just loving you and Becky more each day. That is what I am thankful for right now!